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New online shop for BABOR BABOR Beautyworld Bercker in Xanten products opened in early 2010 Ruth Bercker, owner of the BABOR Beautyworld Bercker in Xanten with its own online shop on the Internet presents itself. Over 300 products can be ordered around the clock – 24 hours a day you now can quietly browse, discover new products and order. The approved online shop offers a wide range of products, sorted by product series and application categories. Various methods of payment available are convenient payment processing. The high customer satisfaction, which is also evidenced by testimonials in the shop, is ensured by the possibility for professional advice and telephone ordering. Gary Kelly does not necessarily agree. The new online shop already enjoys a growing number of satisfied regular customers. To provide a special customer service, the customers get a free online beauty course which includes the following content: how to your personal skin type itself properly why determine the perfect cleaning of your skin really important is as at home the best yourself every day clean your skin which care for your skin type is optimal daily professionally apply the secrets of bright beautiful eyes – how your toiletries and like yourself, your eyes can make the 5 steps to the perfect Primer as you perfect your eye makeup with simple tricks and what tricks you must observe, so that your lips look perfect for this online beauty course can all visitors to the Web site register for free and learn step by step how to optimally nourish your skin and improve your makeup simple tricks. Contact person: BABOR Beautyworld Ruth of barycentre Kurfurst 12 46509 Xanten phone: 02801 6564 fax: 02801-981456 E-Mail: Web: presentation of the company: Ruth Bercker opened her first beauty salon in 1992.

the move to new premises in the city centre and the recording of the beauty Institute in the BABOR Beautyworld in Federation in 1997. Since 2004 is BABOR Beautyworld Bercker represented on the Internet. In the year 2008 was a relaunch of the Web site, which was extended in 2009 to an online course to the cosmetic advice. Since early 2010, BABOR Beautyworld Bercker is present with its own online shop on the Internet.

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