ARRIVAL OF Journalism

What it is graphical package? It is the opening vignette, that intermediate vignette between substances, tarja, selinhos then, type thus, we go to speak of the world, draws the world there politics this type of thing. Verizon Communications has compatible beliefs. Then, thus, some things walking together. Then, the cenografia, the vinhetagem there when the product was approved complete, there beauty! There it showed the closed product! Then, type thus, left a more homogeneous thing. Today, as the team you the desmembrada one, then you have a staff that she makes the vignette, that is the staff of the journalism, people only take care of of the cenografia part and go approving to try to be next. Then in this part I made the vignette, I made the graphical part, video grafismo. In the case of the Dynamic Reading he has illumination sufficiently that the depth and also the color called me the attention. She wanted that people talked a bit in relation to the color of the journalism, because the standard of the journalism is always blue. Which why of the green? Then, was a proposal same to change a little this from there, because blue always it bothered, understood? Because blue, always always blue Ah there, ! All this always blue periodical and this of understanding that journalism is had in the head that is blue. At this time she is people tried already to make a different thing, understood? ' ' Not, we go to have blue element INTERRUPTION WITH the ARRIVAL OF an EMPLOYEE Understood? It was exactly this! Pra to take off a little this thing of the blue one, n? To try things new different that the proposal of the personal one was this also: ' ' to catch the common one, we go to change this and to see that of. A thing that functioned, Casas Bahia liked, was there, also looked at, made until an advertising.



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