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Conversion to the new SEPA number scheme the APM Holding AG is gearing up for the single euro payments area (SEPA) and thus creating the necessary conditions for a smooth transition between the previous and the new standardized rules for payment procedures. So that the transition from the existing payment procedures can be done on the new regulation of the European legislator without difficulty, the APM has started already with the transition to the SEPA payment procedures. Thus, relevant customer data, such as, for example, banking coordinates for salary and contribution payments (of insurance and health insurance), to the new specifications are adapted in the internally used SAP System. Thus, the APM is ideally equipped well-formed according to SEPA to settle its monthly payroll for its customers from February 1, 2014. The new regulations in the company should be implemented until end-November 2013. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The early reaction admits temporal buffer, since it certainly can cause sensitive data delays or corrections. The new Which beginning of 2012 was adopted by the EU, regulation February 1, 2014 the shut-down of the respective national payment method (credit transfers and direct debits) to the date.

The existing payment methods can be used until 31 January 2014. Currently, the SEPA schemes being offered already parallel. “SEPA means single euro payments area” and is valid for the single euro payments area, which consists of 32 European countries (in addition to Germany and the other 26 EU countries also Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Monaco and the Switzerland). Within the SEPA to consumers and companies in the future Europe-wide standardized their payments – transfers, direct debits or card payments – unwind easily across national borders. For more information about SEPA, see here: more information about APM Holding AG and its services for personnel management & HR services, visit. Your press contact: APM Holding AG Riedwiesenstrasse 1 71229 Leonberg phone 07152 90114-0 Email



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