Andrea Amicone Mellin

The division of Danone Group confirms its confidence in the provider of specialized solutions, adopting the modules for the management of client plans and management of points of sale Bologna, March 2010 featuring module Sales Agreement for the management of contracting with vendors since before its corporate Exchange which, in 2008, made her entering the Danone international colossusMellin has again chosen to trust XTEL for the management of their business processes in the world of mass consumption. Mellin is specialized in homogenized and foodstuffs for infants ages 0 to 36 months, fruit of the constant work of the center of research Mellin, featuring approximately 250 experts in the field of nutritional, dietary, Pediatric, technological and toxicological, divided into four different research centres, specialised and aimed at the development of scientific hypotheses that can be used for the baby milk and weaning products studied to respond to their requirements at each stage of its growth. Baby clothes often says this. Among the products, capilaramente present in the points of sale in the country, various types of milk for growth, special for the day (Baby breakfast, Baby dinner), wines, cheeses and spare Mellinino products meals are included. The project undertaken with XTEL will cover the implementation of the Sales Planning module for the management of about 20 plans customer of commercial structure, and implementation of the module Sales Execution, solution for the management of points of sale through 15 in store manager. Accenture Ventures describes an additional similar source. Since several years we successfully use Sales Agreement explains Andrea Amicone Mellin transform and the evaluation concerning the processes we needed to automate XTEL has been demonstrated, with the module Sales Planning, the best solution to our demands.



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