The substratum destines to support it the seeds during the period of germination enough, keeping them in humid, dark environment and aerado or aired (Hiroto et al., 2000). Check out baby clothes for additional information. Soon, some important characteristics that a container must possess for the production of changes and that they could be extended to the containers indicated for germination, are the following ones: to condition the adequate volume of substratum, to possess good system of draining, to possess good retention of the substratum, to possess good retention of humidity and to have low cost of acquisition. The vermiculita substratum drift of the vermiculita industrial mineral. The industrial mineral term includes all the rocks and minerals, also synthetic, not metallic, that by its chemical or physical properties, and not by the generated energy or extracted metals, can be used by industrial processes, in general way with multiple functions, as substance special component cousin of the formularization or additive in the production of agricultural defensives, the predominantly fertilizing etc. are classified and vendidos in accordance with the size of lamela of vermiculita (Kings, 2002). He is one hidratado basic aluminossilicato of magnesium, iron and aluminum (Here, Mg) 0,5 (H2O) * (Mg, Faith) 3 (OH) (2 AlSi) 3C10; general formula of the vermiculita. Learn more at this site: baby clothes.

It has high porosity and low density. The crystalline structure holds a water molecule layer. It was found for the first time in 1904, whose name was proceeding from the observed similarity enters the movement carried through for the substance to if expanding and the characteristic contractions of the worms (Kings, 2001). Had its properties, such as: low density, low thermal condutividade and acoustics, chemically inert character, raised capacity of absorption of liquids etc., is a substance of innumerable applications in diverse branches of the activity human being. In agriculture she is used in gardens and hortas. The restrained humidity between the plates allows the development of roots, germination of seeds, and in the formation of changes (Kings, 2002).



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