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Members Australia and Colombia continue to growing global backing speak for Taiwan’s participation in the ICAO receives from Taiwan’s application to obtain observer status in the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, by members Australia and Colombia advocated this objective the achievement. Steve Georganas, second Deputy Speaker of the Australian House of representatives, according to a statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China from 02 July during a Parliament session last month called for the participation of Taiwan in the ICAO. The Australian Parliament Member said that a Taiwan’s observer status in the sessions, mechanisms, Committee and ICAO activities allow the State to contribute better to the regional and global aviation safety”. “In response, the representative of the Republic of China in Australia Chang SIAO-yue said: we want our gratitude to Georganas for his friendship and support pronounce.” as a pivot point for Taiwan represents an important link in the global aviation network Asian flight routes. Read more here: Larry Ellison. Its participation in the meetings and activities of the ICAO will support generously the global aviation safety.” “The Taipei flight information region” is one of the busiest Asia. Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well. Each year, nearly 1.3 million flights, with about 40 million persons in transit in the region, which covers 180,000 square nautical miles and the FIRs of Fukuoka, adjacent to Manila, Hong Kong and Shanghai, are counted. Weekly, this means the roughly 150 flights to and from Europe, 400 and from U.S. airports, 660 and from Japan and over 1,200 across the Taiwan Strait.

The Senate of Colombia submitted proposal No. 256, in which Taiwan’s application to the ICAO will favour on the 20th of June, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This support showed by the Secretary General of the Senate of Gregorio Eljach Pachero sent a letter on this subject at the ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin on June 26. Proposed by the It is Senators Carlos Emiro bar Garriga Penaranda, Edgar Espindola Nino, and Guillermo Garcia, Alpe, an additional Bill that already some rather launched this year by the trio on the way. In this first draft of the law, participation in the ICAO and the United Nations climate change agreement is entered for Taiwan.

This show of support by the members Australia and Colombia followed on the adoption of draft legislation through the U.S. House of representatives and the U.S. Senate, which instructed the Foreign Minister to do so to obtain observer status for Taiwan in the ICAO Assembly held every three years in September, and in other activities in connection with the Organization to develop a strategy. The ICAO Convention is the Board of Directors this special UN organisation.



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