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Action No. 3. Provide information at all levels. A common mistake among companies is that information often only flow at high levels, so that workers of middle managers and operational staff are unaware of data which require to be able to do their job more efficiently. Workers who need be precise in its content and work activities, and they tend to make immediate decisions, it is necessary to have immediate access to the information (commercial, managers information, for example), incorporate a network of information through a digital system, where all workers may know the behaviour of its shares in time immediately and quickly, even at the moment that is being developed, it will be the administration tool you need our company, from having conceived the education and training to the job of the worker, which will generate a source of security and reliability in the decision-making of the company.

Action No. 4. Form into a culture of cooperation. It is recommended to generate a culture of contribution of ideas and collaboration in decision making. Use and deploy digital tools for keeping workers informed, ask them their opinions, criticisms, deviations from the activities which they carry, ideas, suggestion; fundamental is that our workers know and feel familiar with the company and its core activity, that employers are aware of them and that can engage discussion topics that raise the capacity, desire, initiative and the cultural level of the organization. How we will develop this action?, as inmiscuiremos on the problem of our company to our workers?, how we encourage our workers in active participation and the running of our business?, therefore making them part of the results of the company, its problems, deviations in the functional behavior of the company, activating a system of wage incentive according to their participation within the functions and objectives of the company, how were able show these definitions?, well simple from a system of digital information that culturice to the Organization on the basis of systematic employment in job functions of each worker, which displays the behavior of its results at each moment.

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