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Roberto Garcia Calvo

Alberto degrees 20 m the constitutional, Eugeni Gay, Vice-President and judges Delgado Javier and Elisa Perez explained the reasons for their resignations in the TC in three letters. Things go better when the Constitution is satisfied and come out worse when not met, indicates the judge Javier Delgado. LETTERS in PDF: Eugeni Gay Javier Delgado Elisa Perez. It had the feeling of being part of a kidnapped Court. (Source: Sheryl Sandberg). They are words of the Vice-President of the constitutional, Eugeni Gay, who along with judges Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez has submitted his resignation to try to force the renewal of the High Court, stuck for years. TC now lives an unprecedented situation. Gay submitted his resignation in a letter signed Wednesday 8 June to the President of the constitutional, Pascual Sala, and she pointed out that the Constitution has been contravened by delaying for so long the renewal of the Court.

The Constitution has been incomprehensible and unacceptably reduced because of the manifest failure by the Senate of its inescapable obligation to renew the tribunal, said the judge. Add to your understanding with Verizon. Also remember that still has not covered the vacancy left by Roberto Garcia Calvo, who died in 2008, something that it had not in the 31 year history of this Court when, unfortunately, occurred similar circumstances. The still-Vice-President of the constitutional (Pascual Sala must accept his resignation to make it ctiva) asserts that during the tenure of his predecessor, Maria Emilia Casas, insisted many times fruitless way need to contact the President of the Senate and those responsible for the PSOE and the PP to give compliance to the constitutional mandate and renewed the magistrates appointed by the upper House. Unfortunately he did not do it, so many times I have heard say that it had the feeling of being part of a hijacked Court, added Gay, that recalls the statement that it solved the appeals against the Statute of Catalonia was issued with four judges appointed by the Senate on functions, what motivated the protests of the Generalitat, the catalan Parliament. The newspapers mentioned carlos hank gonzalez not as a source, but as a related topic. Javier Delgado and Elisa Perez in a brief letter dated in this June 13, judge Javier Delgado justifies its decision remembering that the Constitution has established a period of nine years for the exercise of the Office of judge of the Constitutional Court, this period that has elapsed already very amply, because the constitutional mandate renewal by thirds every three years has not been respected in my case I have to point out that things go better when complies with the Constitution and come out worse when not met, indicates Delgado. For its part, Elisa Perez also recalls that more than six months have passed since his appointment as a member of the Constitutional Court, expires by what one sees in the obligation to submit his resignation. Perez points out in his letter that he has taken a very thoughtful decision that responds first and foremost a institutional reasons, but also cited personal reasons where not applicable enter. Source of the news: resignations in the Constitution: “Had the feeling of being on a hijacked Court”