Yield Investment Company

HYIP – what is it? We discuss in detail what HYIP and what it eats. This term is an acronym (translated to English: “High Yield Investment Company“). HYIP are not only online, as they exist in offline. There are plenty of off-line HYIP are managed by registered companies and bring great dividends. The only drawback of such funds is very high barrier of the deposit (minimum deposit ranges from 50 000 to several million).

A private investor can not afford to make a contribution to the fund. For ordinary investors, the only way out is HYIP online. In most of these projects, the minimum Deposit is $ 1. Unlike off-line, network projects provide minimal information about themselves, and often they do not exist. Most participants in such programs do not know about the fund is absolutely nothing, nor any activities involved in the project, nor the legal address of the Fund. Often the information is secret not to hide it from customers, and to preserve their own “know-how.” Over the period of accrual% all of the network can HYIP divided into daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily basically paying 1-7% daily, weekly – 7-50% weekly, and monthly from 20 to 200% per month. Summing up all vyshenapisannoe obtain the following scheme: Managers programs collected from private investors who do not have needed to participate in major investment projects off-line high cash deposits. Then, using well-established pattern, it is advantageous to invest them, and then share part of the profits with depositors. In fact, HYIP – one of the most profitable for investors forms of mutually beneficial cooperation. How not to fall into the trap of swindlers? This problem is concerned almost all participants profitable projects. Due to the fact that the specific HYIP means fully opaque committed its economic transactions, dishonest dealers organize false projects, give them a real investment program, and then, having collected a sufficient amount of money customers, dramatically scaling down their activities. One of the most common form of cheating – it’s Ponzi. Ponzi is a classic pyramid scheme in which profit is created not due to strong economic activity, and by attracting new deposits of project participants. Similar projects are like a snake devouring its own tail. To a certain point in time impression of stability and stability, since contributions are provided by the money invested in the program by new members. However, the impression is deceptive. At some point comes stagnation, the project stop new members joining and the pyramid crumbles. Sometimes, though, the founders did not even wait for the phase, and disappear with all the accumulated cash. Clients of this as a rule, will recognize that when their accounts are no longer receive regular interest.

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