Written Registers

(Metallurgist, Shepherds, Agriculturists, Priests, etc) Written Registers Without a writing, a culture is not considered civilized. Many high cultures had reached nveisde cultural evolution, forming organized states and divided societies bemestruturadas. However the absence of a form of written register took off them mritode Civilization. 1.Antropides: Termogrego (Antro=homem; Pide=Semelhante) that similar primates assign to the sereshumanos. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gary Kelly. In one determined moment of evolutiva history, anthropoid the two different ramifications africanosderam origin: the Pongideos, that had given origin macacos as chipanzs, gorilas, gibes and the Homindeos that had given to origin the raahumana. 2.Teoria of> Clovis: Theory quepropem that the first inhabitants of the American continent had arrived through doEstreito Bering and arriving at the Alasca she has about 11,5 a thousand years. 3.Endogamia: Marriage between membrosde one same family. 4.Cl groups of on people for laossanguneos 5.Antropologia: Greek term (Antro=Homem; Logia=Estudo) Designao study of the man through history. Bibliography 1.Cotrim, global Gilberto.Histria. Ed-Hail, 2007 2.Blainey, brief Geofrey.Uma history of mundo.EdFundamento, 2009 3.savelle, Max.As first Humanas.Ed Cultures Rich Villa, Riode January, 1990 4.Darwin, Charles.A origin of the Species, 1859 5.Wilson, Daniel.Arqueologia and dEsccia Daily pay-history, 1851



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