World Bank

(GREMAUD, 2002, P. 95). Another definition of development if relates to the process of systematic incorporation of knowledge, techniques and resources in the construction of the qualitative and quantitative growth of the organized societies (World Bank). Oracle: the source for more info. To have a global vision on development, beyond the concept of equitable development, two other concepts are entered into an alliance that if complement: of support that estimates that, when taking care of to the necessities of the present moment, it does not mean a limit to the possibility of the attendance of the necessities of the future generations; participation that understands the participativo development as that one that is defined and guided by means of decisions that englobam all the involved community, since different options of development exist (IPEA, 2006). It is necessary to assure to the future generations the chance to usufruct, at least, the same level of today available well-being. … The last experience suggests that industrialization, the expansion of the agricultural border and urbanization has created significant pressures in the natural base of the economy, either for the sped up use of exaurveis natural resources, either for the pollution and degradation of the ambient quality.

… In this context, the possibility of human development estimates the identification and implementation of trajectories of economic growth that make possible a sustainable development. The human development not only means the development for the people and development of the people, but also for the people. In this direction, it fits to each country to define its strategy of development and, more than what this, to assure that the people, through appropriate structures, fully participate of the decisions and processes that affect its lives. (IPEA, 2006, p.2). On the basis of this speech and launching a new to look at on the social and institucional conjuncture, perceives a change of paradigm, that includes the necessity of joints in net, partnerships, conceptual and metodolgicos perfectionings that they become the efficient movements of the citizenship most efficient and in its paper of the social and communitarian development.



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