World And Understanding Of Faith, Peace Ethics And Civic Engagement

“Meetings of the Evangelical Academy in the Rhineland in the first half of 2013 Bonn, 23.1.2013 – with VII neuro Ethics Forum, this time on the subject of dementia”, the Evangelical Academy in the Rhineland is 2013 started last weekend in the first half of the meeting. A total of 22 meetings offer until the summer opportunity to deal with the question of how we in peace, tolerance, in accordance with the creation and the Exchange with other religions can live. So, the Christian faith in the theological sense can be understood as a personal matter, so little is a private matter he”underlines Academy Director Dr. Frank Vogelsang. The whole person, is addressed in the faith in all its social and cultural ties. The whole man stands before God, so as a member of the family, as a community member, as a member of the society.” Accordingly, the Academy, which again, training has received the seal of approval in November 2012, takes up open individual and social issues in its meetings. In the first half of 2013 are This world – and understanding of faith, peace ethics, crisis foci, and civic engagement as focal points.

Starting from the world of experience of the individual it concerns E.g. the discreet social power of beauty in our media culture (our beautiful body”; 22./23. March). Our understanding of the world is directed heavily through science and technology. The meeting where is God?”deals so that, like the Christian faith in the public sphere still may remain capable of language (24-25 May). City of the future city of hope “(22./23. Marz) is to creative, long-term social planning in the cities, also citizens and citizens, neighbourhood initiatives, churches, businesses and other stakeholders can participate.” The Christian peace bid and the reality of the foreign missions of the Bundeswehr are conflicting. The 6 Friedensethischer study day in Koblenz deals with this dilemma on February 5 (you’re supposed to do not kill.



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