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Kissel consulting organised a conference entitled ‘Coaching for the immune system’ in Urbar (near Koblenz) with DGSF. Coaching is good for the immune system”, the title of a one-day Congress, the consulting firm Kissel consulting, Urbar, organised with the German society for systemic therapy, counseling and family therapy (DGSF), Cologne, is. It takes place on November 7 in the monastery Besselich in Urbary in Koblenz. At the Congress, therapists, coaches and health professionals discuss with managers and HR professionals about the mental and physical health management in companies. The Congress is designed as follows: morning, noon and afternoon held each parallel three to four workshops on health-related issues. That is to say, each participant may, depending on personal interest, each three of ten workshops, which are available in the program, visit.

The Congress is with a plenary lecture by Prof. Dr. Jochen Schweitzer Rother, Deputy Director of the Institute for “Medical psychology at the University Hospital Heidelberg, titled of demographic change and organizational culture: steps to positive aging in the world of work”. “About the presentation and the contents of the workshop the participants can then click again, if desired, with a casual come-together” discuss. A workshop conducted by the pastor and psychologist and supervisor Astrid Giesselmann in the morning.

Its title: “Job-fit? Misfit identify and edit”. In him the participants among others investigate, what requirements must be met to make a person and a place together. Furthermore as these fit”(re) produced can. “” Because such a fit “according to Klaus Kissel is CEO of Kissel consulting, not only for the work motivation and satisfaction, ‘ very important. Long term, it reduces the risk of burnout. A workshop in the second workshop session will be led by Iris Hartmann. It reported the trainer and key account manager a pharmaceutical company from their own burnout and how she regained their vitality and power. This building, she developed guidelines with participants as you can early detect a burnout and avoid and restore the physical and mental health. In the third round of the workshop in the afternoon, including a workshop family as a source of strength is”offered. “He is by Birgit Huber-Metz and Angela Kissel moderated, the together the business area balance for life” by Kissel consulting. In him the two therapists and consultants among others with the prejudice clean up: If workers at their (mental) limits, this is usually purely due to job. As a rule, so the experience of the two consultants, there are also causes in the area of private and family. At the same time, can and should be this area but also a source of strength for the profession. Coaching the participation in the Congress is good for the immune system”costs for participants who register before 30 September, 155 euros (plus VAT) After 175 euros (plus VAT).

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