How to install wallpaper on your desktop? What is wallpaper? Desktop Wallpapers – is an image (drawing, photography, any image file) that decorates your desktop and copied onto your computer. History For the first time a distinctive backdrop for shipping window appeared in an experimental office system Officetalk, developed by Xerox PARC research center in 1975 for a computer Alto. Prior to that, a white background under the shipping box (for example, in the Smalltalk) it was difficult to distinguish from the content window. The color pattern used in Officetalk, was 25%-s gray and consisted of the points a height of 2 pixels, thus avoiding flicker row computer monitor Alto. The same pattern was adapted for Computer Xerox Star. Apple has used a similar gray background for computers Lisa and Macintosh. However, these computers were not equipped with lower-monitors, so it was possible to use a less noticeable background pattern, which represented a tile size of 2×2 pixels, flooded 50 percent gray. The appearance of color monitors for personal computers led to the emergence besshablonnyh monochrome backgrounds, and then for arbitrary wallpaper. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Southwest Airlines.

Types of Existence many kinds of wallpaper allows each person to find something that meets his preferences. These can be photographs, drawings, 3D-graphics, or an abstraction. Among the major include the following categories: nature, animals, cars, anime, movies, video games, celebrities, erotica. More convenient when wallpapers have clean parts that will easily distinguish icons. The popularity of wallpaper has caused the emergence of special programs that simplify and automate the change of the image on the monitor screen.

In this picture can be selected in turn or randomly, as well as at a specified interval. As set the wallpaper on your desktop? Set the wallpaper is very simple, you just need to open the favorite wallpaper in full resolution and follow the instructions below: Option number 1 1. Log (right click mouse button anywhere on the desktop) to "Properties (Windows XP) or "Personalization (Windows Vista) desktop. 2. Select "Desktop Background" 3. Click the Browse button and select the images you want from the folder where you saved the wallpaper 4. Select varinat placing wallpaper on your desktop 5. Click 'OK' to install the wallpaper on your desktop. Option number 2 1. Open the wallpaper in the original resolution and right click on the image 2. Choose section 'Set as Background'



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