Wall Siding

The cost of maintaining it in order is minimal, and the entire care-wash pressure hose from the walls of dirt and dust. The cost of finishing the house siding is quite comparable to the cost of high-quality finish stucco or clapboard. But after a couple of years, the owner of the house siding sheathed with surprise will be listen to stories of friends about how they make up in the spring and tint the facade and walls, an annual spending power, time and money. Vinyl siding – most important of all the siding is important for us vinyl: it is estimated specialists, it is used in 55% (see chart). His popularity is based on the relative cheapness, durability, speed and ease of installation. In contrast to the front paint and plaster siding does not require careful preparation of the wall surface.

On the contrary, even if the surface is uneven, then the siding can hide all the flaws. Decorating the walls of this material is similar to the lining of wooden clapboard. Vinyl siding is a hard coating made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the form of bands with a lock-latch and a perforated edge for nails that are easily assembled in sections of any size. Siding made of plastic – it is a monolithic (Homogeneous) leaf thickness of about 0,9-1,5 mm. This material is not foliated, not blown up, no splits and no flakes. He is not afraid of moisture, fungus and insects, and resistant to adverse weather conditions, non-toxic and does not fuel (Table 2).



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