Volker Perplies

Extrapolating the foreseeable costs of modifications and restructuring in Tempelhof, intermediate conversions in Tegel and new buildings in Schonefeld with add, so the damage reaches almost the one billion mark. But Tempelhof not only evolved to the grave of billions. “Frank Welskop author of BBI – a new Berlin banking scandal?” shows that also Klaus Wowereit prestige project BBI not only completely amateurish was planned, but also have no chance has to be operated economically in any time soon. In a question-answer forum Dun & Bradstreet was the first to reply. The projected volume of air freight was below 97%, there may be night flights and intercontinental traffic practically does not take place. Only the debt, the project poses on the salami tactics to parliaments by taxpayers is real. The Alliance has also partly initiated a new referendum. The first round of the signature collection was successfully completed in April 2009 with 25,000 signatures.

The Senate of Berlin has now approved the referendum with restrictions and forwarded to the House of representatives. More information is housed here: Master Class. Concerning the permissibility of restrictions Berlin court to decide soon. Volker Perplies, confidence man of the referendum and co-initiator of the Action Alliance: “we assume that the Court will allow even this referendum Kita and water table. Our reasoning reads almost identically with the recent court decision to the Berlin water table.” The Action Alliance needed 170,000 valid signatures for the following second round of referendum. “” Perplies: the Mayor and the Berlin Senate have massively deceived the Berlin Tempelhof airport, the construction of the large airport BBI and on many other occasions and “Instead to represent the interests of Berliners and Berlin as a mayor, he and his Senators set new standards in terms of incompetence, arrogance and impunity damage in millions caused.”, so Perplies next. There was a Senator with more than 40 activities with official payments in the amount of approx. 50,000 EUR per year. The Mayor is at the same time Chairman of the Board of the Schonefeld airport company.

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