Viva Romance

Divorce is not the end, but it is important to know how to recover from a divorce. When we know overcome divorce, this marks a punto y aparte for the beginning of a new life. How long have you been divorced? You are already divorced legally? And emotionally? When we talk about divorce, we can refer to different aspects, but three of the most important are: the physical, which refers to the moment in which the couples living in different places. The emotional, which can be still married couples or not might be never, although couples are legally divorced and have new pairs. The legal, that is when the papers are signed and before the law, the marriage ends. Divorce recovery refers to the emotional aspect, since it means to heal the wounds and pain resulting from a marriage that ends, usually difficult way and the process which involves such termination. This process is almost always extremely painful. That is why it is so important that you avoid being trapped in pain, bitterness or depression, for You can find the way out strengthened and you can start a new life.

Regardless of the point at which the legal divorce is signed, the emotional divorce ends when: we can talk about our ex, without courage, resentment or desire for revenge. We no longer complain about what happened, our misfortune, etc. We stop: being depressed, angry with ourselves, blame us, pity us, etc. We cannot accept that both were responsible for what happened, acknowledging our mistakes and seeing them as what they were: errors. To think or talk about our marriage, our children or friends, we can do it being quiet. When the previous features are given, we can be sure that we have fully recovered from the divorce.

However, recovery is a process that does not occur by itself alone. Our behavior and attitude can help us to make progress or can keep us anchored in hatred and resentment throughout life. Each person is different and requires a different time to recover physically and emotionally from a divorce. When not us We give the necessary time and do not learn from what happened, is most likely: we maintain our negative emotions (courage, bitterness, depression, etc.) for many years and these have an impact on all areas of our life, if we establish a new relationship, we will have big problems and probably end up divorcing us or separating us. The negative feelings and little desire to fall in love is what leaves a divorce, especially if the reason was an infidelity. In this regard, psychologists explain that the reactions are very diverse, but among the most common are anger and bitterness, which are expressed to avoid feelings of pain and frustration. Specialists explain that it is an emotional barrier that contributes of consciously or unconsciously and prevents to fall in love again. Overcoming a divorce can take a long time and, usually, causes depression, low self-esteem and difficulty for developing emotional relationships. But that does not mean that love does not again to knock on the door of the heart, it is only a matter of time and overcome the bitter drink to give step to Cupid and be carried away by the emotions of romanticism. To do so, psychologists recommend complete well things of the past and turn the page to live new experiences. More tips at: other resources original author and source of the article



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