Visual Effects

In order to avoid clouding of soap when working with this basis it is advisable not to use the fatty oils. 2) The white soap base. This basis is obtained by adding white pigment to a transparent manner and intended for the manufacture of opaque white or colored soap. When working with white base is allowed to use any supplements. Possible joint use of transparent and white basics for beautiful Visual Effects: divorce and curls.

Technology soap handmade simple. Necessary amount of soap bases are weighed in the balance and placed in a glass or stainless bowl. Capacity put in a water bath. Soap base is heated to 55-60C, and maintain this temperature throughout the entire process, and the need to constantly stir the soap base to its complete melt. Molten soap should be in consistency similar to a batter or a little thicker. In the liquid base is added in the necessary proportions of fat (2 tablespoons per 100 grams of soap) base oils.

While stirring gently, slowly pour should be (but not boiling!) Water / milk / broth coffee / cocoa / orange juice (juice can be diluted with boiling water). On average, a bar of soap takes half a glass, soap and cooking on an anhydrous basis. The melting process takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. When the soap melts, it pour additives (plant extracts and vitamins. perfumery composition, optionally a dye) and a little more to keep the bath. The last thing added to essential oils (3 drops per 100 grams of soap) and a well-stirred rapidly.



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