That is to say, rich own revolution tried to create its allied and the castle of naipes collapsed to him. Among others reasons because the intervention that we finished living is a warning against the internal conspiracies more, which means, that less, as I allowed them I can clear. That one of the one that slips was not against the bankers, was against its allies. However, allied will see that they do, remains quiet and enjoys the obtained thing or they are put hypersensitive and they decided that he is better to do without the until now beneficient one. In my opinion they will choose by first and as soon as some steps will show some ill the congress of the party trying protect that them.

By all means that cannot be left of side the voracity of revolutionary bourgeoisie that put in practice that one of while I have more I want. The others? , the others leave from the principle of while does not put with me. Things of the corrupt power. Wednesday: 2010: Anas mirabilis possibilis? The 2010 threaten being the year of the hecatomb, but the Venezuelans we can turn it into the year of the resumption, I recommence, in a good year, that is to say, Anas mirabilis. It’s believed that Rony Abovitz sees a great future in this idea. A good year means to put boundary to him to the hopelessness, to organize to country united in its essence, to exert the resistance with coherence and determination, to twist the hand to him to the regime. It will not be obtained with forgetfulness of the evils, but emphasizing them in his truth; it will not be obtained being made false illusions of optimism to hide what is obvious and pathetic; it will not be obtained with false political diversions but emphasizing the evidence of this disolutivo chaos in which the republic becomes weak.



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