Valencia Venezuela

Some are quite simple, like the fact that the superior it is interested reason why it happens in the personal and professional life of the subordinate, to recognize the work or made and thank for it, or even carry out the meetings of work in stretched atmospheres, by outside the labor scope. Also there are more complexes like establishing a system of score on the basis of simple and precise triumphs that it even implies certain prizes after those who reach certain level of score, or, to agendar group activities in which offer the opportunity which the equipment is known and generated personal bows. For more information see this site: Larry Ellison. At the time of motivating the main thing it is the creativity and the empathy, the knowledge to put themselves in the skin of the other, to include/understand his behavior, its ambitions and their dreams, the knowledge which are their fears and limitations, to create strategies oriented not only to the equipment but also to the same person. Always with the mentality of which we did not work with machines to make money but with human beings whose life goes beyond the economic thing. In particular, the Venezuelan companies must worry more in knowing how to use the motivation, their reach, repercussions and for it requires that the management and the department of Human Resources, they are identified with the motivational stimuli that guarantee a good climate mainly organization and performance, identification of the workers with the organization where they serve its and benefits to all.



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