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Knowledge Manager in vain looking for the truth like times are tough, many just smaller and medium but also large companies must review their internal and external structures. In such times, there is an almost inflationary increase of services that want to optimize corporate management. Modern keyword: knowledge management. The promises of a variety of knowledge managers are as wordy as meaning. Often terms be given free hand and interchangeable as required in the company. Who offers but serious knowledge management needs to first of all be able to capture knowledge, measure and evaluate structured. And the most knowledge managers cannot do this inadequately to cooking. Even institutional provider of knowledge management find it hard to identify real numerical values that are also comparable and meaningful.

Because they can not and do not have the required know-how! What some knowledge managers refer to as knowledge measuring, reminiscent of a length measurement with Using a level. Measurement, standards, and tools are missing. Missed knowledge management the results of knowledge accounting with the knowledge balance sheet provide example made in Germany. The results of such knowledge balances are word sentences and full-bodied euphemisms that nothing worth further due to lack of concrete figures and comparison material as a subjective Word judgments about a State from the past. Usually such goodwill balance sheets are nicely colored, the knowledge manager wants to stay in the business. But it is equally clear, that only can be managed, what clear and comparable can be defined also in process, goal and result.

The unique solution path, is the intellectual capital report 2.0. With a knowledge of accounting on the basis of the knowledge audit 2.0 human capital, structural capital and relationship capital is structured based on the most extensive, complex and interconnected databases and especially in clear figures. Thus also intangible value creation processes in companies are clear and can so based on clear facts really be managed.

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