Use Twitter

You can respond to your contacts by typing its name, for example, be @ juliadominguez juliadominguez. Using the tool of invitations () you can add your contact email and MSN. 3) Share ideas – articles, blogs, web pages, new ideas, your knowledge, etc .- instead of having to eat breakfast (many people do this!). Shorten links with to be more orderly. If you see a tweet that you like, share it by typing “@ RT (user name of the person who wrote the tweet)” (RT: retweet) and the message. In this way you also show respect and appreciation to your contacts, no one enjoys reading tweets fit only for self-diffusion.

Remember that Twitter is not a pure marketing tool, that will make your “followers” lose interest. Use Twitter to get in contact with interesting people, learn what you’re intrigued to others, and expand your network. It is a place for exchange and conversation. 4) Connect conferences – the next time you go to a conference, look for the official Twitter account of the conference and “pursue it” to connect with other people present, find out about secret meetings, and cultivate your reputation. 5) Controls to Twitter before they control you – do not have to read and respond to all tweets directed at you. Decide how long you have to give to this activity and Sele faithful.

Test third party customers and to streamline your use of Twitter. a. Monitor your Twitter reputation – if someone compliments you (or make a complaint) for your business, you should be the first to know. Set up alerts to track, or to intervene when something comes over you in the world of Twitter. 6) Have fun – remember to have a sense of humor and enjoy the experience. Social networks give you an opportunity to add some fun and throw in your professional life, and make the interactions you have with your clients more relaxed and entertaining as they know more than the leader of your business. Believe me, Twitter works for online businesses. A few days after starting to use Twitter I contacted the copywriter of the famous, and that same day we talk for skype on the possibility of working together. If you are concerned about how often you should use Twitter, and afraid to commit yourself to “other more responsibility,” Forget this fear! Use Twitter when you can, and when you can not .. does not matter! Twitter will still be there when you return, you can regain contact with your friends and supporters, keep working on your social network and still get the benefits of this powerful tool. Remember that the more intense your activity on Twitter, you’ll get more results. For more tips on Twitter, visit the following websites (in English), read how to create a community, and (for the most advanced) learn how to create groups. I invite you to follow me on Twitter to chat with me and keep abreast of developments in virtual assistance and online marketing. Join my network of contacts you want to build and grow your network?



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