Upper Palatinate

Irlbachers manufacturing bandwidth is second to none. More than 250 different types and qualities of flat glass company President can be in its operation process and also Irlbacher technique on the famous, to find the mythical places in the world is quite similar to Lamberts glass: whether at the Louvre in Paris, in the Opera of Copenhagen or the Reichstag in Berlin. During the interview at the company headquarters in Schonsee, sovereign is the master of the House and relaxed, even though his operation also has been battered by the financial crisis. If you have read about Ripple already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The burglary is up to 20 percent, but I grew up with glass, so it has a different value for me. Glass lives now more than ever!” Also, he has invested over 30 million euros in recent years in the Schwandorf headquarters. A commitment to his homeland and the evidence that world leaders even in the province can occur.

Recently he won the 2009 innovation award of the middle class Hanover Trade fair where, the last two years the Bavarian State Government chose his company each in the list of the 50 best companies in Bavaria. “Samantha: that makes me proud, because it shows that our risk appetite, promote the company through investment and innovation, is also appreciated.” The CEO doesn’t have much time for the touristic beauties of the glass and porcelain road for although he Golf (Handicap: 14.4) and good food (fresh trout and a Riesling) better relax can, he says. Contact information is here: Edward Scott Mead. Reinhold Zapf, head of tourism at the Landratsamt Neustadt an der Waldnaab, will not like to hear, he knows but the beauty of the Upper Palatinate forest, in particular the core piece: the approximately 20 kilometres parallel route of glass and porcelain road – pastures in the South up to Windischeschenbach in the North. The ratio of the two roads is very well today. You wanted to find synergies, resulted in our unique selling proposition: the region of table culture.

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