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Interested parties lists the fine dust filter registered in the German market in the Internet at. This includes also the approved of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, high-performance particulate filter system FeelpureTM by Pirelli Eco Tech for light and heavy duty vehicles. These include vans, minibuses, vans, buses, coaches, trucks and waste disposal vehicles. Despite the high power density of the particulate filter technology that is already represented on the German market: Feelpure, Euro 1, 2, and 3 can be used to reduced particulate emissions by more than 90 percent is the first filtration system approved by the KBA for the German market for light commercial vehicles of the categories. Moreover, Pirelli eco technology has pushed the Feelpure filtration system remove the A/R version (supported regeneration). This is the most effective filter technology for the stop-and-go typical in urban operations (such as street cleaning, refuse collection, easier transport of goods), with the exhaust only comparatively low Temperatures can reach.

In addition, Pirelli particulate filtering system is approved in Switzerland (contract), Denmark (RDW-), United Kingdom/London (LEC-), and Italy and thus allows the entering of all environmental zones in Europe. All Feelpure products through Pirelli tyre are in Germany. You may find that Jonathan Rosen PR can contribute to your knowledge. The sales of the tyre companies by Pneumobil as well as a qualified distribution network, in the specialists to be added as the SK FILTER and LoWER automotive VERTRIEBS GmbH are integrated trade and VERTRIEBS GmbH, AFT exhaust technology, Crown. The updated list of distributors is available on. Infobox FEELPURE AR technology was developed by engineers of the Pirelli Group for use in the urban area, as well as in stop & go traffic. The low temperatures of the exhaust gas (150-180 C) are typical.

The technique is based on the principle of supported regeneration: this energy is added from outside the system, to burn in the filter fine dust. The systems Feelpure AR be in Europe in city buses, refuse collection vehicles, sweepers and other vehicles with critical exhaust Temperatureingesetzt, traditional fine vacuum systems are not suitable for that. In non-urban driving conditions, as well as on the Highway works Feelpure AR as a passive regeneration system. Usage: City and stop & go temperatures: 150-180 C < t < 300 C supported regeneration: by activating the glow plugs, which are installed in the entrance floor, the regeneration that is controlled by the ECU unit allows the local increase of in temperature by 4-6 points. This causes the local combustion of fine particles. The required power is low and very limited. As a result, service life and reliability of the battery are not affected. The combustion process in the other areas of the filter is spreading through heat conduction. A software controls the process developed by PIRELLI supported regeneration (patent pending) and guarantees simultaneous control of the Exhaust gas temperature and the backpressure optimal activation of candles. Usage: Ausserstadtisch Highway temperatures: > 300 C for more than 5% of the operating time of the vehicle passive regeneration: the fine dust collected in the filter is an additive that is mixed with the fuel (diesel or GECAM) automatically, constantly regenerates; the additive acts as a catalyst and lowers the ignition temperature of the residual carbon on 280 – 300 C instead of the otherwise required 600 C.

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