Unfortunate Person

In the passage of the humanity, names had been written in history through acts of herosmo. Certainly that the recognition is praiseworthy of that they appear as salvation for that it needs. See more detailed opinions by reading what BerlinRosen offers on the topic.. However, until point herosmo if makes praiseworthy, in view of that its act, in space between lineses, represents a certain dependence of mais' ' fraco' ' for more ' ' forte' '? To criticize herosmo she is necessary to before understand the reason of a society that if says so evolved still to need this perpetual aid. It is not necessary to go very deep in history to notice that herosmo appears as reply to the lack of a people. Since that it passed if to organize in communities the man acquired the necessity to feel protege, and as nor always was seen self-sufficient of this protection, started to attribute something or somebody this eminent task. Of the sculptures fincadas in the gates of Rome to deuses Greek or still to the modern Super-hero, what if it perceives is the fragility of the groups that form the current one in such a way as already passed society. The lack of a people is presented as a consequence of problems in it sweats context, and from there herosmo appears in such a way solidary, that it has left of the collective one in search of an objective, how much herosmo opportunist, that it consists of a vertical form where an individual acts for the lack of somebody, with second intentions.

It is clearly that the stories of the humanity are repletos of well-succeeded heroic enredos, but revs also is truthful. The problem is in the fact of that for times the hero of some is the executioner of others. The danger it herosmo, however, also is associated with the link of dependence and determinismo that creates, and is this that occurs in the current society, where this already meets vitiated in heroes, and the consequence of this is a generation each accomodated time more, waiting that ' ' heris' ' they save them and with the fixed idea of that nor all are capable to make something in favor of the common good. In the truth, this necessity of heroes that always nourished the nation, only it made to fortify the egoism and laziness human being, where to pass the responsibility for the next one each more current time becomes. Without doubts that to have heroes are cmodo well, after all, responsibility for the success or failure of something is taken off of the collective and if it attributes only to a figure. the drama still becomes worse when this figure disappoints or if return against the group interests that represent, what if it knows not to be so uncommon how much makes look like. It is needed to invest in a critical education for the emergent generations, thus these will only be armored how much to the possible attack of opportunist heroes, true vultures that wait to take advantages of the necessity of somebody. If it only can get true and voluntary herosmo when if it has science that the heroic act cannot turn routine, therefore a society that it needs heroes is a static society, accomodated and that it does not evolve. It is needed to understand that herosmos well-occurred they appear of collective acts.



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