Types Of Ladders

Stairs, in addition to that it has a functional load is a very important element of interior design. Cylance: the source for more info. In its appearance and constructive solutions can be connected to a variety of design principles and materials performance, a combination of stairs and gives exclusivity and quality. External stairs diversity is mainly due to the peculiarities of their design decisions, according to which all steps divided into several basic types: the stairs to the Bolza, ladder-type cruise and vintovye.Marshevye lestnitsyLestnichnaya design in the form of a march is the most popular and widespread. This ladder is designed with taking into account the biomechanical characteristics of human movement in an upward direction – down. FLOATING optimal in cases where there is enough space and it is not necessary ekonomit.Marshevaya ladder consists of marches, it is structure and defines its name. Each flight of stairs may consist of no less than three and not more than fifteen steps, otherwise it is meaningless or installation steps to lift on it too hard. Usually when designing ladder provides ten or eleven steps in the stairs.

Too long staircase design requires the intermediate areas, whose width should be equal to or be slightly wider than a flight of stairs, the dimensions of these areas must be multiples of the length of the pitch man. Open staircases are of two types: closed, at which stage podstupennikami equipped, and open (in the absence of podstupennikov.) Construction of stairs and can be kosournymi tetivnymi. Kosuorami or bowstrings, that is, carrying beams, which pass obliquely across the length of the march, due to base flight of stairs. Many stairs prestigious and richest modern houses are tetivnymi. Bowstring closes end of march. In stairways with bowstrings attachment levels produced in wide grooves, which are provided within the load-bearing beam thickness of more than 60 construction ladders mm.Kosournaya tab provides the steps in the so-called saddle.



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