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Videosuchmaschinenoptimierung (VSEO) central component of an online marketing campaign should be Uttwil TG, 06.Juni.2012: Web content are today no longer just looking for and found, but must assert himself against a strong competition and competitors. Each company has its own website today in principle”stated Patrick Altendorfer, CEO of the specialists for Videosuchmaschinenoptimierung in the Switzerland bizztube. A targeted and focused on the specific products of a company strategy to optimize online is important. Search engine optimization and online marketing are established today for many companies is not a foreign word more, but already in everyday business. It is therefore important to know these possibilities and to properly use above all this. Video marketing Switzerland is not a trend, but a reality”underscore Abdo. To display ads only when a search engine so often is not enough.

Central is, however, a holistic Web presence of user thinking point of view and accordingly to set up coordinated online marketing strategy”said Patrick Altendorfer. To a variety of tools to search engine optimization can be used, about the own website for example on bizztube TV or more seen: better to place in the context of a Videosuchmaschinenoptimierung in the Switzerland. Of course social networks of but also the present a particular focus in the form of visual media in the network. But corporate films on the Internet at the perfect portal to deposit should be an integral part of any online marketing campaign”emphasized Patrick Altendorfer. Any optimization, whether should aim but it on a video portal for corporate films, or in the form of an alternative strategy, to connect the own product and finally Central keywords on the Internet with your own company.

But the variety of video portals for corporate films on the Internet is great. The offer by bizztube TV is, however, precisely the specific solution and combines the contents of their own Company with the advantages of the Videosuchmaschinenoptimierung (VSEO) “Abdo explained.” However, it must be considered that not for every company same synergy effects can be created. A campaign on the Internet individually tailored to the needs and objectives is central”stressed Altendorfer of the Swiss video portal bizztube. The options range from local search engine optimization and their building blocks such as for example the editorial optimization of texts and content, the Videosuchmaschinenoptimierung (VSEO) for industry-specific entries on web galleries, today for a better visibility on the Web. And, therefore, the testimonials from bizztube show that even vital resources and possibilities of the Internet are given away without a holistic video marketing”Abdo argued conclusion. Company Description: The Swiss video portal bizztube published only corporate films and thus a special video platform for companies of Switzerland, Austria and Germany Dar. bizztube is a company based in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. As a reliable partner for video marketing and holistic Videosuchmaschinenoptimierung in Switzerland, bizztube allows advertising on a professional platform to present corporate videos. bizztube offers its customers expert advice prior to place in the field of online marketing, search engine optimization and advertising on the Web. is the interface between supply and demand and networked the seeker customers online with targeted hits and audiovisual information. Business contact: lean vineyard 4 CH – 8592 Uttwil TG Switzerland Mr. Patrick Altendorfer telephone: (+ 41) 71 460 18 74 mobile: (+ 41) 76 394 89 90 Fax: (+ 41) 43 888 26 32 E-mail: Internet: Facebook: Twitter:!/bizztube

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