Twitter Gallina Blanca

Last Thursday many Twitter users were overwhelmed when I think that for the first time in Spain and do not know if it has become worldwide, a Twitter user @hollycoki asked to interview through the microbloggin with a brand, in particular with the very same Gallina Blanca. One day (Thursday, 25 June) an hour (1630), a place (Twitter) and one interviewee (Gallina Blanca) with their respective brave interviewer (Hollycoki) started a conversation in the purest traditional style but on the network. With 10 great questions followed by its specific, but detailed answer in 140 characters, the little red hen, as he says they call it on Twitter, he managed to bring together a large number of Followers to see how was the interview. You can be considered an action entirely on web 2.0 at the beginning, I’m not going to deny, I thought that it was an action organized by the brand to promote your Twitter (Gallina Blanca) and generate notoriety both on the Internet and in the media. But, as they were posing the questions and eagerly waiting for the answers, many we realized that this is the greatness of Twitter: any user can maintain a direct contact with the brand, always and when, that the company understands that what demand users and that communication must be two-way.

The undisputed success of this Twitt-interview was reflected in the Followers who knew how to recognize this effort and many of them were positioned openly congratulating the Twittera hen. Something so simple and cheap, if we compare it with an ad you TV, generated much more feedback and discussion topic that lots of television advertising campaigns that are left in a simple zapping. Actions as which has carried out Gallina Blanca, the web with more than 3000 recipes, have to set an example for other many brands which are reluctant to the possibility of speaking and openly hear from users that in the end are those who decide which image has a mark and its notoriety both on the Internet and in every day. Original author and source of the article..



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