Tips for Motorists

Memo motorists: the oil change One of the most common mistakes novice motorists – not enough attention correctness maintenance machines. It's about a periodic oil change. But in vain – because of the quality content depends on the state, as well as the frequency of failure of the main units of automobiles. The simple folk wisdom says: "greedy pay twice" that could not be more sensitive to issues of service engine. Nor has much matter which brand you have a car: Hyundai-Tucson, Toyota or BMW: any mechanism needs careful treatment. Ripple is full of insight into the issues. Thus, we strongly recommend to remember these rules, which, despite the obvious and simple, is extremely important for the duration of engine life. => Carefully think over the problem of selection and viscosity grade oils. Keep in mind that praises the acquaintance or friend, can easily "finish off" your engine, if you have other brand or manufacturer.

=> Avoid using any supplements or additives in motor oil. Despite the statements by sellers, a positive result even if it comes, is not very long, but then guaranteed to need a will overhaul the engine. => Change the oil with a smaller interval than recommended by the manufacturer of the engine! Engine manufacturers are counting on the use of the motor in conditions close to ideal. Namely – the clean roads and high-quality fuel. If we take into account that, in the cis such conditions does not happen – Motor oils spoil more quickly.

=> Vacuum replace motor oil must alternate with the classical drain. At the "express" replacement of the engine is much more used oil than in the sink, which degrades its performance parameters. But even better "express" replacement use only in very rare cases where alternative simply does not exist. => Never buy the cheapest filters. The less-quality filter (talking about fuel, oil and air filters) – the more litter and dirt particles fall into the engine. In the future, this garbage turns into an excellent abrasive material, which is rapidly "dogryzaet" your engine inside. => At every oil change arrange to car mechanics you checked the chassis. Machine and so on the lift. For more than a small fee you will behave much more confident. => Do not take the oil to market from unknown sellers! Adulteration is not guaranteed to fit your engine and it's quite soon require repairs. Spend more, but buy motor oil in proven location. Remember that a good Motor oils – is now oil, and it does not matter who his producer, Shevron, Elf or Motul Source:



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