Time Management

When we have many outstanding finish, many people have entered panic because us much remains to do. Then we get aim to finish everything on the same day, and to not annoy us in our work we are doing a little of each at the same time. With that we tend to think that we are being highly productive, as in the same period of time we are working on several projects, right? Then he commented that in my opinion is not the way to continue to increase our productivity and properly manage our time. The secret is to focus on one thing at a time, avoiding the temptation to go jumping from task to task. After all, surely you will agree that our goal is to make our tasks as best as possible and not only complete them even in mediocre fashion.

If you focus on a single task you will be giving 100% of himself, you’ll be amazed when you see that it is reached high shares of productivity, for the work you’re doing will be done in an outstanding manner. And how it has worked so efficiently, You will have time to begin with another. This sounds very interesting at first glance, but it must take into account that it is very difficult to accomplish this initially. We tend to be thinking about several things at once, and although our eyes and hands are in a task, our mind is now thinking how you will solve the one that needs to be done. What I do when I have to be creating with you for my pages (regardless of this), usually do is close the Messenger, Facebook or any distraction on my computer.

Even when I have nothing to investigate also I close my web browser to avoid the temptation. Little by little you will begin to see how it can be better focused to a single task, doing this in an extraordinary way. Also you will be amazed when this focused 100% can finish their tasks much faster, so time for others. David Rogier insists that this is the case. The secret is: a single thing at a time.



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