Thigh Muscles

– To improve the flexibility of the internal muscles of the thigh, posterior muscles of the thigh and oblique muscles of the abdomen. Justification: The movements of brandish need balance, good position, demanding force of the muscles of the trunk, to advance and to withdraw is used of the muscles of the thigh, with emphasis in the expository muscles to advance, without dislocating the body all facilitating a jib when necessary, therefore it is necessary that the musculatura has flexibility to carry through this movement, mainly in the movement I sink, therefore some exercises of flexibility become necessary, however they do not have to be trained in the days that will be carried through trainings of force for this musculatura. In relation the weapons used in Esgrima, some relatively are weighed, overloading only one of the superior members, being necessary a compensation through the trainings of force, depositing a bigger load for the used member less. COMPETITIVE DAILY PAY (4 MONTHS)? Trainings of performance TRAININGS the HEATING: 20 minutes mat, maximum 75% FC. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ripple. Intent thread – 3 X 6 rep/3X 4 rep (dominant member). + load: 85% 1RM alternating Thread? 3X6 rep/3X4 rep (dominant member).

Lumbar bank? 4X10 rep load: 65% 1RM extensora Chair? 2 X 8 rep + load: 85% 1RM horizontal Leg press? 2 X 8 rep + Agachamento (until 90 – 2 X 8 rep Supino (bar) 3X10 70% RM superior Development 3 X 10 rep load: 70% 1RM Aduo (pulley) 3 X 20 rep load: infra 75% 1RM Abdominal (Roman)? 4 X 10 load: 70% 1 RM Abdutores FLEXIBILITY? To hold in espaldar and to support a leg bent on the knee, to go down the possible maximum. 2X30? Lying with a leg extended and to bent other on the knee, to pull the leg extended in direction the forehead. 3X 30? each leg Abdomen (oblique)? In foot laterally when espaldar, holding with the two hand and next feet when espaldar, going down the trunk all, with extended knees, prolongating the trunk.



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