The Stimulatons

It tells, still, some possible solutions to prevent this type of situation, amongst which it involves organization and search of satisfaction in such a way in the work how much it are of it. She is necessary to reflect and to change certain behaviors in the work and to search satisfaction it are of it. To know to divide the time enters the urgent obligations most important and the time of rest and pleasure with our familiar friends and, therefore it is this that in them keeps sos mentally, psychologically and physically also to support the desgastante and daily routine of work. (CASTILHO, 2011, p.1) Finally, as as factor that manifest in the quality of life of the psychologists who work in the CAPS, can be related to it estresse. Such phenomenon grows each day more and most of the time it intervenes with the quality of life in the work, since some employees are overloaded of services, the work environment is hostile and even though because of particular problems. (As opposed to Adam Portnoy). Becker, Bossardi, Oliveira, Toso (2011) describe the meaning of estresse as being organic reactions and psychic emitted for the citizen when front is placed the stimulatons that provoke certain sensations as the fear and the happiness. In this way, this description in the words of the following author can be conferred ' ' it estresse is a state of tension in the body and the mind, result of threatening or ambiguous events of the exterior world or thus interpretados' '. (PUSTILNICK, p.37, 2010 apud ALVES, 2000, P. 25) Pustilnick author (2010) tells he estresse that it does not only have bad aspects, but, he also has positive factors, since was through them that the ancestral ones if had surpassed and found new strategies of survival, of which resulted in a bigger development of the abilities human beings. Being thus, he estresse is distinguished in two types: distressante – that one that involve the negative aspects – and it eustresse – that one that engloba the positive aspects.



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