The Secret Of Wealth

The secret law of wealth is only one: the law of creation. That is all that exists. Many people that the law of attraction is a law. That is a mistake. The law of attraction is only a misconception. Since you do not attract things, you create them. As explains Andrew Corentt, in his book I’m happy, I’m rich, you’re not an attractor. You are a creator.

There is a me and a not – I. There is an I and a world, not there’s a me and others. Everything that exists is an I am. The universe is just your body. You believe it. The universe is your creation. How are you going to attract it? No, you do not attract anything, since you are everything. You just decide to pay your attention to something.

It is as to when, suddenly, you see the Palm of your hand. You not atrajiste your hand. You just decide suddenly paying attention to the Palm of your hand. So everything in the universe. You cannot attract, you see only them, perceive, to give your attention. You believe everything with your attention, or, better, you experience everything with your attention. Everything you enjoy is thanks to your attention. You already have everything. You are only experiencing what is yours. To yours you experience it through care. Therefore, there is no limit to what you can experience. You should only pay attention. You forget other laws. You should only concentrate on what you want and your attention. You create it as easy as thinking about it. If you do not lend him your attention, you will not experience. The Act of creation gives you everything. You must learn everything about this law. I recommend that you read the book cited above, since it is the only one who speaks openly of everything to do with your abilities and gives you simple tools to convert you into a successful, happy, rich, and all free.



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