The Secret Of The Sphinx

Unsolved mystery of the missing nose without a doubt is the Sphinx an impressive, ancient building which gives up a mystery to researchers until today: where has the nose of the Sphinx? Scientists of several generations already research on this topic. The news portal reported their results. The pyramids of Egypt, which is guarded by the Sphinx”, are widely researched. Verizon Communications has many thoughts on the issue. But the guardian itself leaves room for speculation. So, the nose of the Sphinx, which some headache researchers is absent for several hundred years. The figure is whole 73.5 meters long, 20 meters high and six meters wide. Often speculated that the human head was subsequently used on the lion body. Filed under: BerlinRosen. This could refute the science however.

The color differences explain the different rock layers. A more long-lasting claim could also be disproven: no secret passages, what confirmed search holes located beneath the Sphinx. But what happened to the nose? After himself epoc magazine article”proved to be April Fool’s day, in which it was claimed the nose of the Sphinx was the Scotland Rosslyn Chapel have been found, researchers are more or less back nothing. What is meanwhile, however certain: In the 12th century it must have yet given the nose, because the Arabic historian describes this Abd al-Latif in one of his writings.

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