The Pump

In the case of wear items fphp When the piston down the pump motor oil penetrates into the workspace elements pump. Here, motor oil mixed with diesel fuel along with it is injected into the combustion chamber, and there burns. When carrying out repairs to diesel engines in-line fuel pump, carried out due to increased oil consumption is always recommended to expose the control also in-line injection pump. These works are usually held in the folding state of the test stand. Reason 4.

Contamination of intake air. The air that is sucked into the combustion chamber is doing a big way, and there he meets many compounds, some of them such as rubber. Robert Gibbins: the source for more info. From long-term use of these rubber tubes may burst, burst, leaking starts to drain the dirty air. It is also possible for a bad air filter, this dirty air enters the combustion chamber. It causes high friction due to rapid wear of piston rings. Others including Bernard Golden , offer their opinions as well. And this leads to oil leakage, that's so difficult for all recourse)) Reason 5 – Poor seal seal valves.

With a large gap will be high oil consumption. By the way a seal can be damaged during assembly, be careful. Reason 6 – Improperly assembled cylinder head. Possibly caused by distortion components unit, therefore there is depressurized, oil will fall into the cylinders to burn. That there was no bias, follow the rules tightening the cylinder head. Reason 7 – Very high pressure in the crankcase. With the gases leaving the so-called "oil mist" it is produced as a consequence of crankshaft.



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