The Position

It should also pay attention to the fact that transactions with the index it is possible, since the volume of just 1 square. meter – in other words, to begin to insure the growth of prices is possible, with cash savings only 1 sq. km. meter of future housing. Furthermore (and this is important!) Kalita-Finance provides its clients with financial leverage (leverage) to carry out operations with an index of real estate.

To make the transaction of purchase / sale with 1-m lot marpi, must have a trading account for only 6% of the value of the average per square meter. At the current average price of about $ 3900 per meter necessary margin (6%) is about 8 thousand rubles ($ 234). In other words, start to save money using an index marpi, you can have from the sum of 8 thousand. At the same time investing in the index are profitable even in a falling market. In order not to be unfounded, we consider a concrete example.

Imagine that a family with a combined income of 80,000 rubles. in month, regularly puts out of it for 35 thousand rubles. for the purchase of future apartment (eg 45 square meters. for $ 175,000 ($ 3,888 per square meters.)). Even if we disregard the effect of inflation (0%), rate (33 rubles ./$), volatility (volatility) on the real estate market ($ 3,888 apartment. M = const), then in order to accumulate the required amount the family will need about 14 years! Now, consider another option. Suppose that in the next 3 years the price of Moscow real estate will demonstrate the following dynamics: a bottom of the market will reach the end of next year, and then begin a smooth increase in cost per square meter (which is consistent with current economic forecasts – a conservative scenario). For three years, people every month acquired by one lot of index marpi (initial margin of 1 lot, all these three years did not exceed 8000 rubles.). In the past 9 months, he increased the number of lots purchased up to two. As a result, three years of similar operations in humans the position was opened for the purchase of 45 lots marpi (ie 45 square meters.



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