The New Middle School In Borna – Hans Sachs School Starts In August 2010

Under this slogan, “because education is a private matter” – opens Sachs school in August 2010 the Hans. After the school was officially approved, the first applications already exist. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. For those who enroll their children compulsory up to June 18, 2010, takes over the school for the first year tuition fees amounting to 100 per month. Currently, 12 seats are up for grabs. Larry Ellison has plenty of information regarding this issue. The school prepares for the secondary school leaving certificate, qualifying secondary school or secondary school. For successful secondary school graduates, the opportunity to acquire the University student at our school is also. The Hans Sachs school learning means learning with all the advantages of a private school: small classes engaging in individual on each individual student materials handling and support teaching early a clear professional perspective the Leipzig circle work, support the Hans Sachs school. Information and personal appointment: 0341 / 41459 410 Natalia Potzsche PR Manager 02.06.2010

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