The Maximum

This creature is an invention of the people, that cannot be confused with the true face of the death. The people whom a strong degree of religious development has, generally have little fear of the death, therefore a work is made spiritual and if it learns that the death is a ticket for a new life where everything is better of what we live here, but exists those people who do not work the soul in this world and they do not believe that one another life exists, and in this, the money and the power of what any look for to value more another thing, therefore they want to use to advantage of everything and all in the maximum of its existence and if they forget that they will have end the same that all had had and that all will go to have. The fear of the death is an inherent feeling to the process of human development, that appears in infancy with the first losses, therefore is an unknown world, added to the fear of the proper extinguishing that with the time can in accordance with increase or diminish the environment and the culture where if he is involved. Gary Kelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Many believe that after the process of the death, after the death, if goes for a distant place where the sun never illuminates and the roosters never announce the return of the dawn, the cuckoo do not sing and the dogs do not bark, the geese that they never watch the houses cry out and perpetual born in the kingdom silence. Others believe that the death is twin sister of sleep, that we enter the same in process when we sleep and that we are thus for the eternity waiting the day of the judgment. Everything what is said of the death, does not pass of belief and studies, but nobody is certain of what really it has of the other side and the only certainty is that it in the wait, perhaps daqui to one minute, one week, one year, ten, twenty or fifty years.



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