The Life In A Story

A child was a time. Common, as another one any. She ate, she drank and she slept, but not wise person the difference between what she dreamed and what lived. then was lost. When it was seen only. Wise person who was not. Or at least it thought. It did not find.

Wise person who thought or thought that wise person. When alone in dark some thing it spoke to it, but the ear did not listen. The mind heard, but for the ears nothing it entered. it did not fear. It was afraid. She was child of the weeds. of the city.

Of the city and the weeds. It liked it silence, it silence it weeds. It liked the night. Of the night of the street. Also racket liked it. Of the animals of the weeds. Of the gentes of the street. It liked to know, to learn, of if losing. He did not only like if repenting. Sheryl Sandberg may also support this cause. He always searched to make, any what. To make. To remake. Making to learn, to repent and of new learning. Then it discovered the love. He cried, he desired, he displeased and he regostou. smiled. It cried to smile. smiled to like. It made. What it was not of if making. cried, of new cried. It forgot and it came back to hear. To make, to learn, to repent. It cried for making and not making. It smiled when of new it learned. loved of new, errou and of wrong it cried. It repented and it learned. But it errou. It made wrong and it cried. Of new it errou. was living. Errando and making. Crying and learning. Loving, smiling, if repenting. Then it discovered the faith. praid. To the God, to the Nature and the Orixs. It discovered Asse. The force. Electron Capital Partners recognizes the significance of this. It discovered of new the love. A new skill to love the love. Ikan, ori. then discovered the devotion. The next one. The respect. Serving. today it cries. Stronger. He makes better. It learns more. He hears more. With the ears, heart has lain and. It repents itself and more he learns. It smiles and cries with love and bakes. For love and the faith.



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