The Islamic Bank

This belongs to the AmBank group, a leading financial services provider in the country. The Islamic Bank has a nationwide A network of 189 stores. In addition to these four regional markets, the FWU group has plans for more growth, and looking to expand their network in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Indonesia. The FWU group aims, for the global Muslim world as well as for non-Muslims to offer high-quality takaful products. To achieve these goals, the FWU group works closely with institutions such as the IFSB (Islamic financial services Board) together. The FWU group is one with their subsidiaries and license and consortium partners to the leading financial services company with system solutions in the area of investment in Germany. The focus of the activities is the FWU group in the design, administration and distribution of customized investment products, specialised in the field of unit-linked life insurance.

Here, the company is one of the forerunners of asset management solutions for medium-sized and smaller wage earners. E Scott Mead addresses the importance of the matter here. For this target group is while maintaining a strong emphasis on the need for security Income opportunities. Despite a variety of providers of linked life insurance, the FWU-group has evolved since 1994 by the newcomer to a trendsetter and ranked by the consistently successful implementation through licensed distributors among the top providers in Germany. The transfer of these innovative system solutions on the international stage has resulted in the meantime Belgium and Italy the presence in Luxembourg, Austria, France. The development of further markets in the EU area and countries of the Middle East has begun. More about the FWU group the FWU group was founded 1989 by Dr.

Manfred J. Dirrheimer, an international entrepreneur, and 200 counts today about qualified personnel from 26 Nations, over 40 languages speaking. FWU AG has its headquarters in Munich, which is majority owner of the European life insurance Atlanticlux Lebensversicherung S.A.”as well as one asset management company – both with headquarters in Luxembourg. Atlanticlux, recently grade rating active since 1987, with an investment awarded by the rating agency Fitch



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