The Interviews

Therefore one of the objectives of this is to capture teaching aviso in relation practical its and from this to consider to them estratgiasmetodolgicas argued in this disciplines in its purpose and greater. Flux wanted to know more. DESCRIODE METHODS One of the elements that to vlidaqualquer research are certainly the wealth of its theoretical referencial. How much aisto, will become an objective research of academic character here, with propostade to emphasize which importance the education of literature in the vision of the prpriosprofessores. By means of the boarding of the subject an interview will add aproposta of this work. Conveniently, the initial white public for realizaodas interviews (described later in this document), will be it prpriaclasse professor who will come through its answers to contribute for veracity eimportncia of this research. Mona Breed is often quoted on this topic.

What it is necessary to add is that the research will sefar with professors of the net publishes of education who lecionam in the school estadualLiceu of Acara; the focada modality of education was then average education. Thus opening space for this quarrel in ground so I propitiate. Valley mencionartambm the social context that always will be an influential element for possveisadaptaes how much the methodologies, since what if it intends here to enclose aliteratura in lower court with one it disciplines. Inside of this it will abrangnciaser possible, evidently, to know how much, literature, as art, vemsendo apprehended. Comomencionado, is interest of this research, to evaluate this apprehension on the part of the professors, being looked for showing the conscience of these stops with the literature education. Seestes if stimulates to disclose it as art, they use if it as resource to paraabordar other areas of education, if they use literature as instrumentodidtico, in order to construct in the pupils certain level of criticidade. In end quala importance that the professors give for this education? Which metodologiasutilizam? The school stimulates this education? It will be that the same it receives its devidovalor? Half the information harvested in the interviews will be possible to sketch umpanorama of as that is lived deeply.



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