The Drain

Once we have redesigned all good then precedemos to locate the old pipes that connect to the kitchen, which will be one of cold water and one for hot water, you may find iron which can be 1/2 19 mm or 3/8 14 mm, will have to place the fittings 1/2-20 or 3/8-20, which are parts that join the iron pipes with new pipeline which will be cross-linked 20 mm plastic, then we will have to take it by the ceilings of the bathroom and then lower to mug, basin and showerWe will use a terminal 20-1/2 elbow to the end of the tubing and place 1/2 plugs to keep the water of course pipes have to go underground in the wall and you have to be careful of non chop them or bend them, when the Builder have finished tiling is time to make mounts, in the shower faucet montara and the artichoke will go to 190 cm heightprior to remove the plugs, Cup is pitched according to the manufacturer’s instructions when removing plug 1/2 that we put in the end of the elbow placed a device adjustment key of 1 1/2 3/8 and then a hose to the inlet of water tank which will be of 10 cm long female 3/8, we must ensure the tightness of the drain by placing a rubber band between the eccentric sleeve which is placed in the Cup and properly the floor drain. The lavatory will hang up to 85 cm in height, plugs shall be withdrawn and placed keys of adjusting appliance of 1/2-3/8, to which shall be subsequently hoses of the lavatory faucet. Any questions or comments do not hesitate to write to or visit our website original author and source of the article. .



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