The Company

It was fast: the requirement imposed by the rigidity of the time, forcing a company to: – compete, innovate and inserted into the modern computer world. -Creative ways to design, implement organizational forms in a minimum of time.Key to success: speed means the ability of the company to know, anticipate, react appropriately to external changes, developing a new strategy in shortest time.

Sustainable value: create through capabilities Basic to provide competitive advantages. For even more opinions, read materials from Financial Planning Association. Technical changes: both gradual and discontinuous innovations of architecture (carry the same product to different markets), and reducing limits from one year to three months on a temporary basis as evidence, since there is not a one-size-fits-all, and vary the interests by market, price, etc., especially with e-commerce, selling by computers. 6. Competitive innovation: must expand innovation, accelerating the pace of change, implementing new strategies quickly. The company who insist on applying a single symmetric mode innovation process in all its dependencies will have inevitably great difficulties.

Structures and processes that guide the research and development of new and creative way must design. Conflict management will become an essential organizational capacity, and the loyalty of the people, will be oriented primarily towards its own business group and even its own professional discipline. The plan of ((work is a way to use the information to create business values: manage risks reduce costs adding value innovation and create new realities customers to) improvement of a) new processes products. b) provide different services. (c) use tecnol. Different. Let’s therefore a brief account of which is a work plan, and imagine you a Sunday at home, along with his family, and the quantity of activities since the dawn you have in mind to do, or even that he planned several months ago, but unexpectedly came home for a visit, and has nothing to offer you, show you, and even that offer you.., think, we are almost in the same mental process, but now in his work.



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