The Company

Speaks your language, or at least similar. At home we can be physically, but we are really close to our family? It is not the same thing. To spend time on their children, take advantage of his childhood. Teach with values, example and company. Enjoy the company of your partner, remember that the children not be home forever. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue. And your parents and siblings? Visit them. He shares with them.

Take advantage of your company. Let teaching: behave properly, express themselves well, act with honesty, wear your life with values. The children will be a reflection of who we are or what we were. Your life will be screened according to the education or the training we give. They learn from their childhood with the example. Be authentic with your children, help them shape their identity.

Not required to do the same as you but yes teach them the difference between the good and the bad, the consequences. You should see the positive example. Look for the way to teach them good habits, hygiene, behavior, study, etc. Try it to learn about the effort, things are getting eager, with tenacity. You avoid laziness to not take it as an example. Something very important, if you drive a good relationship with him money, transmit them that knowledge, otherwise, study it to teach them. It is vital to learn to manage the money. Non permissive with poverty, and poverty I am referring to the spirit, to the effort of imagination, to the attitude. Always deliver your children a message on four key areas for their development as individuals: family, financial, spiritual and Physical. Teach them to manage time in those areas and to do so positively.To become quote a text: the essence of good living is to the self realization, and as a result gain the power to do; taking the ability to have this simple equation.



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