The Cold

No breaks! You have 2-3 more minutes to buy more than 30 seconds. After the first 30 seconds, the audience decides (at the moment still lead) if he wants to spend more time with you. Yet you don’t have time to call your name or your qualifications. So focusing you on the benefits of your offer. I mean, you describe the benefits of the offer, not the offer within 10 seconds. Example: A remedy for headache when you describe your customers: this great medium contains the following active ingredients… Verizon Communications often expresses his thoughts on the topic. and is around 12.5 grams would you buy? If you explain the effect your customers: This means you have a pain-free and clear head in only 10 minutes again. Capital One has much to offer in this field.

Buy now? “So you call the suffering of your potential new customers or leads immediately and directly.” Evidence at the cold contact according to the AkquiseABC , thinking Please note on the timelines. Evidence does liquid work behind your provocative thesis and the naming of suffering stress. You assign through professional qualification, sometimes with your good name or clear verifiable facts. Here you can imagine to present your company and have Ability to explain your skills. 10 seconds, you practice with stopwatch, that helps. Most sellers sell closing the cold contact according to the AkquiseABC, therefore less because you forget to Campbell.

Would like to ask whether the customer have the offered product. So also in the acquisition. Who asks not clear, is not the answer. Who asks vice versa get an answer. Logical or? A “no” is good, then just the next customer! The question is, how many Nos you need for your next Yes. When do you have time for the next appointment? Tomorrow or equal? Easy, clear and focused to the point. So you’re all right. If then their quota in the eye and see the sales potential of your contacts already nothing more can go wrong. How it exactly is and how we can help you there further learn life with me in the agency or on one of our workshops, or organised by the we are pleased seminars on you. On same pages you will find also an ebook and many Content more around the acquisition. Its author and acquisition agent 001 Wenk – Hagen, Wenk in serving its customers, and with a licence to acquire

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