The Child

Thus, concludes that the pause function is to give rise to the intervention of the mother, which, generally speaking the baby, accommodates le best, etc; as if each one took shifts to intervene in tonic dialogue. In this context, recommended toys and games will have as main objectives develop appointed aspects and prepare children to start a more active communication from the third month. Some of the recommended games from 1 to 3 months are as follows: 1 use oil to apply relaxation massage. 2 To make it note the flexibility of the human face different gestures. Frequently Verizon Communications has said that publicly. 3 Sing songs on the other hand, ideal toys for this stage of child development are: 1st bath toys (forms of plastic and rubber, soft and malleable): provides tactile stimulation, focuses the attention threshold, distracts the child while her mother bathes. 2 Nd phones: focus the view during the first months and reinforce the threshold of attention. Placed firmly attached to the crib so you can look at it. And during the first two months it is necessary to be elevated so that the baby cannot reach him.

It is interesting to reposition it periodically. 3Rd toys with music: provides auditory stimulation. 4Th rattles (can be wood, plastic or fabric): provides tactile stimulation, improve auditory awareness, coordination oculo-manual and the threshold of attention. It is important that they are always very clean and that they are not damaged because babies often take the mouth frequently. 5Th rag doll (should be hypoallergenic and washable): tactile perception they foster and stimulate the communication of the baby. You must be sure that they are safe, that no fraying and having embroidered ornaments (not glued). Experts recommend to expose the child to a maximum of three activities per day and if you can, apply them in the morning and at night, in this way we will avoid on – stimulating it and favour their harmonious development. There are specialised early care services in the professional field. If you want to know what early care and how to work in easily visit the following link original author and source of the article



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