The Captain

The waves beat with as much force in the rocks that the foam went up to the sky, but the imponent figures remained without giving attention to the force of waters. Rochedos with an only empfia defying the Neptune power. Thus, in one it fights implacable between man and the nature we arrive exaustos in land. We pull the boats for the sand. After some minutes of rest we decide adentra in the bush. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Philip Vasan and gain more knowledge.. We prepare weapons we follow way entering in the bush. We use our swords to open way, therefore the plants form an almost impenetrable wall. We were to each step adentrados in the virgin bush, each time more we entravamos, one hour later, already we had covered a great distance.

We stop to rest, at this moment, we hear sounds that came of far. All had been motionless hearing the sounds, one of the sailors, said baixinho, saying that they were sounds of tambores, and, for what it seemed, they were close. To each moment the sounds went being higher. In this time, already one heard, beyond the sounds of the tambores, shouts that came in our direction. The captain, in a nervous surprise cried out so that all ran. But, for our lack of luck, of of the bush they had inside jumped you vary seminaked figures, bodies painted with black stripes and white, they held in the long hands spears with tips of black rocks. We were surrounded, for all the sides figures cried out and agitated spears in air. The captain cried out so that all were calm, but was half difficult.

When we try to catch our weapons, shouts had sounded of all the sides, and the figures had been agitated. We did not know, at the moment, what we would make. I circulate it was if closing each time more and one of the sailors it gave an shout, a spear, at that moment, crossed right its obro.



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