The Archer

My path It is not yours, and however, we walk together, caught hand your children your children are not your children.They are the sons and daughters of life, wishing to perpetuate itself.They come through your, but they do not come from you. And although you are at your side, do not belong to you.You can give him your love but not your thoughts.Because they have their own thoughts.You can shelter their bodies but not their souls.Because their souls live in the House of the future, which is closed to you, even to your dreams. You can strive to ye be similar to them, but you do not seek to make them to your likeness.Because life is not stopped or become distracted with yesterday. Ye are the arch from which your children as living arrows are driven towards the far. The Archer is one who sees the target in the path of the infinite and you hastened with his power that your arrow go fast and far.

Leave, happily, that the hand of the Archer you flexing; for, as he loves the arrow that flies, also loves arc stability and their perseverance. MY soul I speak my soul I He spoke and said: you not happy with the compliment and you do not h with reproach. Until my soul advise me I doubted the merit of my work. Now I realize that trees bloom in spring and bear their fruit in summer without expecting praise, and dropped its leaves in autumn and remain naked in winter without fear of reproach. My soul spoke to me and made me see that I am not more than the Pygmy nor less than the giant. Until my soul I speak I saw mankind divided into two kinds of men: a weak, in which typical me, and a strong, which followed or resisted challenging. But now I learned that both and I am made of the same elements.

My origin is their origin, my conscience his conscience, my claim their claim and my pilgrimage his pilgrimage. My soul spoke to me and told me: the flashlight you carry is not yours and the song that you sing was not composed in the depths of your heart, because although light you sostengas you’re not light, and even if you’re a lute with tense strings you’re not the performer. I spoke to my soul, brother, and taught me many things. And your soul has also spoken and also has taught you. Because you and I are one, and there is no difference between us, except that I do proclaim that there is in my being intimate, as long as you keep it as a secret of your intimacy. But in your booking there is a kind of virtue. Original author and source of the article.



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