That Resveratrol

Extremely overweight can her massive body barely made its own move. The consequences of obesity for the health are especially dramatic: it comes to cardiovascular disease, the liver increases, often diabetes occurs, decreases the life expectancy. At least against these health consequences of obesity could be around a surprisingly effective: resveratrol. The connection, an antioxidant from the Group of polyphenols, is among other things in red wine. Polyphenols polyphenols are known for your high antioxidant potency. In particular the phenolic hydroxyl groups have a high radical, so ideal free radical scavenger.

Also for the polyphenol Resveratrol, a pronounced anti-oxidant efficacy has been demonstrated. It seals the so-called Protonenleaks directly to the mitochondria as Coenzyme Q10 and neutralized at the same time reactive oxygen radicals. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. In experiments with mice resveratrol has greatly improved the health of overweight animals as an international team of researchers in a pre-Congress marketing of magazine Nature”reported. Health economics expert is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The animals were nearly as fit as normal weight mice and extended to their life expectancy. Should the substance in obese people is similar to work, then resveratrol could significantly improve their quality of life and life expectancy even if there extra pounds do not disappear.

Fat addicts could feast on apart from their body size, possibly without consequences. Resveratrol was some kind of Elixir of life for the generation XXL. In addition, it obviously has the ability to stimulate the body’s natural antioxidant enzyme systems such as the superoxide dismutase and some Catalases. As exceptionally fluid-rich organ, the brain also suffers excessive oxidative stress. A neuroprotective effect of Resveratrol, which overcomes the blood-brain barrier, has been demonstrated in several in vivo studies. Recent works suggest that it speeds up the processing of beta-amyloid, the pathogenic factor of Alzheimer’s disease, directly. That Resveratrol the Stuff to the elixir of life who had not already shown in different organisms scientists so far but still in mammals.

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