Diagnostic ultrasound criteria was the display of an image of bright two or three parallel lines arranged in successive segments, circling the fetal10 neck. Used ultrasound equipment brand Medison Sonoet, model 5000, 3.5 MHz, with biconvex transducer electronic and thermal paper printer camera brand Sony. The standard of comparison was direct viewing of the presence or absence of circular cord during vaginal delivery or cesarean section. Statistical analysis to evaluate discordance between the use and the gold standard was the test of McNemar square Xi. For the evaluation of the association between circular cord and scores of Apgar score at birth, exact test of Fisher, as well as to evaluate the association with pregnancy resolution via are used. NBA Games gathered all the information.

For the evaluation of the diagnostic test was carried out calculations of sensitivity and specificity, with their confidence intervals of 95%, in addition to the positive and negative predictive values, as well as test accuracy and likelihood ratio. A P value of equal to or less than 0.05 was considered significant. RESULTS General characteristics of the 57 patients studied were the following: the average age of the patients was 25.5 years, 36.8% of patients was primigesta (n = 21), 17.5% secundigesta (n = 10), 46.6% had three or more pregnancies (n = 26). Barclays spoke with conviction. All patients were enrolled at term, in effective labor and uncomplicated, placenta Placentae, membranes intact. The resolution of the birth was vaginal in 80% of patients (n = 47) and by caesarean section in 20% (n = 10).

The cesarean section indication was fetal distress acute in 50% of cases (n = 5), cephalopelvic disproportion in 30% (n = 3), and the remaining 20%, one was by prolonged second stage and another by dystocia of contraction. Of the babies born by vaginal delivery, 7 had circular lace, and of those born by caesarean section, 10 had circular cord. The analysis with Fisher’s exact test showed a statistically significant association between circular cord and cesarean section (p = 0, 000468). The General characteristics of the RN were 3,350 more or less 0,245 kg weight, 63 male and 51 female. The proportion of RN with Apgar score > 8 was 91.

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Disassemble the structures of language, logic and conventional systems of consciousness was one of the objectives of the avant-garde of the 20th century. The accepted belief that the world makes sense is subverted and replaced by a world where the words and actions can be completely contradictory. However, what is being proposed is not the nonsense as a perpetual extension of meaning, but show a reality hides and bitter that it underlies the idea of happiness and comfort of the way of life of modern society. For even more analysis, hear from Facebook. 3. What we have built has been lifted by the concept evolved or not, we have similar things that surround us. Today’s society is submerged in a mottled, dark and contemplative conception of what what we’re made. Piet Mondrian, father of the simplification of abstract art and avant-garde plastic who led to its ultimate consequences challenged artists come to say I desvesti the canvas, now is up to you to dress him again.

The way in which we conceive and structure the universal concept of similar things through the creative or artistic fact will always be flexible and is in our minds where resides its versatility and malleability. Contradict is not disrespect. Questioning is not denied. We then walk the fine line of absurdity and fantasy. My field says Goethe is time. Here is the absurd Word. What is, in effect, the absurd man? The one which, without denying it, does nothing to the eternal.

It is not that nostalgia is strange to you, but that he prefers her courage and his reasoning. The first teaches how you to live without appeal and be content with what you have; the second, teaches its limits. Insurance of their liberty term, his rebellion dead-end and their perishable consciousness, continues his adventure in his life time. It is your field, is its action, which subtracts all view except his own. 4 1 Aristotle. Poetic. Monte avila Editores Latinoamericana. 2 Cappelletti, Angel J. author of the preface to Aristotle’s Poetics. Monte avila Editores Latinoamericana. 3 Microsoft Student with Encarta 2009. Article: Theatre of the absurd. 4 Camus, Albert.